Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How to juggle everything that life throws at you

.... Is something that I'd like to learn how to do better. You may have noticed that I've had very little to update these days. That is because I have very few new happenings to share. I'm trying to make sense of all the competing priorities in my life without feeling overwhelmed. I'm just trying to keep my head afloat. Here's a quick wishlist for things that I want to see happen in the short term.

1. Catch up on all the inspirational articles and blogposts that I've bookmarked.
2. Meet all my deadlines at work
3. Organize the thoughts in my head, thus having a more organized life (and would probably tick off #2 above)
4. Feel inspired again
5. Exercise regularly again

Til next time!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Post-holiday withdrawals

The new year has been off to a rocky start. I failed to realize that the new year began on January 1, and not January 4, which is the day I returned to work. Better late than never!

I've been asked fairly often about the presents I got for Christmas. Instead of naming any specific gifts, I'm going to share a few notable experiences and things that I obtained over the last couple of weeks:

  1. My new gym membership. It's funny that something this small has elevated my quality of life already. No longer will I be dragging my bags all over town to go to a gym far far away. 
  2. Some new workout gear to replace my old/missing ones
  3. Rediscovering a bucket bag that I am now wearing to work
  4. New sunglasses thanks go my bf who didn't use his benefits by year end, and instead made me use it for myself. No complaints there!
  5. Snowboarding on a sunny day
  6. New books!!!
  7. The opportunity to gift my friends' babies for their first Christmas on this planet!
  8. Making Sephora VIB Rouge status - this I have mixed feelings about
  9. Seeing my waistline stay relatively the same through the holiday eating (a lot of holiday eating!). I'm proud to say that this Christmas break has been my most uneventful one with regards to my weight. 
  10. My new nose piercing. I chickened out some years ago, and was convinced not to over and over by family (Chinese culture thing). One day, I just went and did it. Best feeling ever!
  11. Seeing all 7 Star Wars films over the course of a week. I wasn't too thrilled with being "forced" to watch these, but I am glad I did and really enjoyed it. Though I missed about half of The Force Awakens because I decided to watch it late night on Christmas Eve, while drunk and passing out
  12. Time with family and friends from near and far
  13. Staying in on New Years Eve for the first time ever - this is a big step into adulthood, isn't it?
  14. Spa day!
By the way, depression is really kicking in. I'm not quite ready to start work again. I'm also a bit angry with past me for not finishing some of the work pre-holiday. Now present me must deal with it. Procrastination at its finest. 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

A friend once told me, if you are in a relationship and you're looking to improve each other, make one resolution for your significant other and ask them to do the same for you. It would be interesting to see what their resolution is for you. Plus, you'd be held accountable for making a difference in your life. You can also do the same with a close friend of your choosing.

A quick list of resolutions for myself this new year, in no particular order:

  1. Make time for family
  2. Eat better
  3. Sleep earlier
  4. Drink more water
  5. Get to work earlier
  6. Prep the night before, not the morning of
  7. Be outdoors more 
  8. Get serious and focused
  9. Develop a routine
  10. Make a game plan
  11. Always be reading a book
  12. Learn something new each day
  13. Blog more
  14. Truly live the saying, "be the change you want to see" 
  15. Exercise consistently
  16. Increase my strength, physically and mentally!
  17. Learn to invest

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Living on Less

It's Christmas time again. My how time flies.

I used to equate Christmas with presents and eating large feasts, in addition to spending time with family of course. While the presents are one of the more exciting things that come with the holiday season, I've come to realize that it can be excessive. Perhaps because I've given and received gifts for too long now, and find that there are some items that simply don't get used and pile up in a corner, forming yet another pile of trash.

Most of us do live a life of excess. Do we need that new tablet? Do we need the 6th black handbag that looks slightly different than the other 5 handbags in the closet? Do we need yet another video game? Ok that might be comparing apples to oranges. But what I'm trying to say here, is that perhaps we should evaluate what it is that we really need versus the things that we only slightly want. Sure, you work hard and deserve to treat yourself. Of course you should treat yourself! But try to be conscious of what you are buying and how often you're making purchases, and what you could do instead with that money.

Perhaps I was inspired to write this entry because I saw the "Living on One Dollar" documentary on Netflix. It really shows how little people are forced to survive on in other parts of the world, while we bask in the piles and piles of goods that come from parts of the world where workers are paid little to nothing, just so we can enjoy that new tablet with a HD screen.

Perhaps I watched a video on Refinery 29 about living without producing any trash (i.e., using reusable cups,bags,cutlery wherever you go).

I think it's time we think about how we can be better for the world. How we can do better for our next generation. How can we produce less trash and live more efficiently, within our means, and still be happy?

I think we can do this. We can totally do this!!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Start by Doing!

It has been longer than expected since my last post. Actually, who am I kidding? I've just been procrastinating. Which is ironic, and I will explain why as you keep reading.

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop about procrastination. Not how to be better at procrastinating, but to "break the patterns" of procrastination, which I think is helpful to anyone. I believe we all procrastinate at some point and at some level. In my case, I  procrastinate at the highest level! Procrastination is a funny thing - we are all aware that we're doing it, and know that we are better off if we didn't, but why do we still do it?

Some of my takeaways from this talk include:

  1. Procrastination and laziness are different things. Procrastinators tend to defer a task, and do something else instead, where as people who are being lazy just don't want to do anything at all. So, we aren't lazy people!
  2. We have trained our minds to see rewards through avoidance. For example, I feel pain or frustration when I do this specific task, but if I put it off now, i feel instant relief. Relief is my reward. 
  3. Do not blame yourself if you've procrastinated. Be aware and understand why you are procrastinating, and look for a solution to help youself. Identifying the problem and taking necessary steps to solve it is helpful; placing blame is not. 
  4. Rather than finishing a task, we should be focused on starting. By starting, we are doing something at the very minimum. Shift your perspective.
  5. Microtask! Break a large, seemingly overwhelming project into small, manageable tasks that you can't fail at.
Much like the teachings from this workshop, I will start by doing. Even if I can't completely rid myself of my procrastinating habits, I will start by at least tackling the smallest of tasks. I will start my healthier lifestyle by cutting my bowl of rice at dinner in half. I will start my workouts by getting myself to the gym. I will start my Christmas wrapping by bringing out the wrapping paper... I will start my work by actually working and not blogging.... oh crap. 

I guess I wasn't very successful afterall because I decided to blog rather than work. Back to work!

What will you do to stop procrastinating and start doing? 

Friday, 11 December 2015


My blog is still very much just a repository for my random thoughts. I'm going to start sprucing it up a bit with photos soon. This is one of my many goals in the new year! I have a pretty large collection of photos from trips over the past 2 years that haven't been posted. Posting those alone can probably be a 10 part series.

Speaking of new years resolutions, I finally committed myself to joining a gym. Merry Christmas to me :).

Actually, that's not a huge leap, because I had been going to a gym previously and was paddling most days per week. The real transition here is that, I'm taking a hiatus from paddling! Because of this, I no longer belong to said gym, and therefore needed to find my own gym - one that has several convenient locations and works for my schedule (not one where I have to work around!).

I am excited. There will be classes. My goal is to go 5 times a week - 3 days of cardio and weight training and 2 "rest" days with classes. My ultimate goal is to finally do one pull up without assist. Pretty sure if I lost 30lbs now I can do several pull ups. So which one's easier? Losing the weight, or gaining the strength? I guess I will have to find a medium.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Shopping addictions are real

I go through phases of spending. I'm never not spending money, but what I choose to spend on comes in waves. I had a phase where all I wanted was to buy containers from Daiso. Then another phase where I just wanted stationery. Later, black boots, workout clothes or coats. And then the worse one - anything and everything. Around this time of year, where holiday sales are popping up for Christmas gift shopping, I find myself buying everything up. The other day I was at the mall for no reason at all but to walk around. And I could not leave. I kept walking around, disinterested but unable to pull myself away from the racks of clothing. I could hear a clear voice in my head telling me to go home, but my eyes kept wandering and I continued. This must be what an addiction feels like. I knew that I didn't want to spend anymore money, and there was nothing I truly needed, but I stuck around looking for my next purchase. 

Perhaps this is an addiction or a form of stress relief. I can't know for sure, but what I do know is I need to shift my mind into finding another "hobby" to obsess over.